Time-of-Use Billing

Time-of-Use is here! 

Eastern Ontario Power has made the switch to Time-of-Use (TOU) billing for eligible customers.

TOU billing divides a consumer’s electricity consumption into three different time periods; on-peak, mid-peak and off-peak. Each time period has a corresponding rate that will be charged for electricity used during that time. On-peak electricity rates are the highest, off-peak electricity rates are the lowest and mid-peak rates fall somewhere in between. While weekends and holidays are always off-peak, TOU periods for weekdays change seasonally. For more information about the current TOU time periods and rates, click the link below:

Current Time-of-Use Rates & Information

Take a few minutes to look at the timing of your energy use at home or at your business. With TOU billing, small changes to daily routines can make a big impact. For example, running high-energy appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers after 7 pm instead of earlier in the day shifts consumption from on-peak and mid-peak periods to an off-peak TOU period resulting in lower charges on your bill.
To learn more about Time-of-Use rates, strategies for managing your costs and smart meters visit the Ontario Energy Board website. You can also view frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) on this website.