Electric Vehicles (EVs)

As the energy transition unfolds, interest in EVs among residential and business customers is growing. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has a role to play in ensuring that the electricity grid is being planned to accommodate the rising number of EVs at customers’ homes and businesses and on the road.  You can refer to the OEB website here:  Electric Vehicles (EVs) | Ontario Energy Board (oeb.ca) for more information.

We are taking steps to support EV adoption, and have resources to help customers make better informed decisions about their EV options.

Installations for residential customers

EV charging can use a lot of power and your service or electrical panel may need to be upgraded to handle the extra load. If you are thinking about installing an EV charger at your home, here are some good first steps:

  • Visit the Electrical Safety Authority website to learn more about the safe installation of an EV charger and to find a licensed electrical contractor near you to help assess whether you need an upgrade to your electricity panel or service.
  • Contact your utility for information on the process and requirements to connecting an EV charger at your home. 

Charging station installations for non-residential customers (including multi-unit residential buildings)

Please follow the seven steps for connecting EV charging stations which can be found at the bottom of:  Electric Vehicles (EVs) | Ontario Energy Board (oeb.ca).

The preliminary consultation form can be downloaded here.