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Social Media Comment Policy

Social Media Comment Policy

Eastern Ontario Power uses social media channels to connect with our customers, stakeholders, employees and partners by participating in conversations and providing relevant and interesting information. We encourage you to connect with us through these channels in a respectful and productive manner.


Eastern Ontario Power holds the following social media accounts: Twitter: @EOPpower AND Facebook: Eastern Ontario Power

Our social media accounts are monitored during regular business hours, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday and during emergencies. Please contact 613-382-2118 outside of these hours.

Basic Principles

We have a few basic guidelines to keep our social media channels informative and respectful:

Obey the law: Comments advocating illegal activity or posting material that violates copyrights or trademarks are not allowed and will be removed.

Keep it respectful: The use of obscene, threatening or harassing language is prohibited. Eastern Ontario Power reserves the right to delete any postings that do not follow our social media comment policy.

Add value: Keep the conversation relevant to the community and contribute to the dialogue. We reserve the right to remove off-topic, out of context, spam or promotional postings.

Keep it real: All postings should come from a real person. Postings deemed fake or anonymous will be removed and reported as spam.

We’re listening: We review all messages sent to us, but we may not respond to all requests. We may direct social media users to our Customer Service Department for further information.

Eastern Ontario Power’s decision to follow a social media user does not imply endorsement. We follow companies and individuals relevant to the electric utility industry.

Tweets or postings that are shared or retweeted do not imply endorsement. We may share information relevant to our business or to the electric utility industry, partnerships and weather conditions.

Any picture shared by you on our pages provides us permission to reuse images.

Legal: Eastern Ontario Power provides the information found on social media for informational purposes only.The information posted on social media channels is not intended as advice to, or concerning, particular readers or circumstances. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED “AS IS,” WITHOUT WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANITIES OF COMPLETENESS, ACCURACY, USABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTIBILITY. The user or viewer of the information assumes all risk for the use of our social media channels. The use’s sole remedy for dissatisfaction with the information provided is to stop using the information.

Social media posts pertaining to a legal matters or regulatory issues specific to Eastern Ontario Power willnot be acknowledged. Legal and privacy information can be accessed on our website.